Top 10 most unusGetty-images-darts-largeual funeral flower arrangement requests revealed

Here at Wilcox Limousines we conducted a survey, revealing the top ten most unusual funeral flower arrangement requests, with a full model of Emmerdale farm topping the list, followed by a ¼ scale traditional Romany caravan and a floral Freddy Krueger tribute.

214 funeral directors were questioned about trends and unusual occurrences that had been uncovered during the course of their work within the funeral industry. As part of this they were asked to specify unusual floral arrangements and tributes that they had encountered during their time in the business.

We then compiled a list of the top ten from the answers received, revealing the following shortlist:

  1. A full model of Emmerdale farm
  2. A ¼ scale traditional Romany caravan
  3. A model of Freddy Krueger
  4. A floral pint of Guinness with ‘breakfast’ written on a ribbon at the front
  5. A British Airways liveried Boeing 747
  6. A snooker table with cue and pint on top
  7. An oil rig
  8. Blackpool Tower with lights included
  9. A floral pacemaker
  10. A half submerged crocodile on top of a coffin

Other answers revealed by the survey that weren’t counted amongst the top ten included televisions, motorbikes, boxing gloves, boxing rings, cans of lagers, cigarette packets and even a cannabis plant. One anecdote covered an unfortunate misspelling of the person’s nickname – Winker.

Both National and Regional Press have covered this interesting story to read some of the articles online please see below.




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The article along with some great photographs is on page 18 onwards of the newsletter.
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How are limousines made?

How are limousines made?

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