Volvo – Hearse

Nilsson Hearses are based on Volvo V70. The vehicle meets high demands regarding dignity and functionality.


Specific demands are valid for ceremonial vehicles. It is important that the vehicle supports the ceremony and gives comfort to relatives and friends. These demands are fulfilled by a Nilsson Hearse by its elegant design and helpful functions. The knowledge and craftsmanship of Nilsson Special Vehicles employees gives an opportunity to tailor make hearses for different markets.

Quality and Precision

To secure the highest demands on precision, quality and rational production Nilsson has developed a unique world leading production-concept.
It is based upon new tools for extension and welding, equal to what is used in volume production all over the world. This concept, in combination with highly qualified staff makes it possible for Nilsson Special Vehicles to offer world-class quality.

Models and Options

The Hearse is available in a 3-door and a 5-door version, extended 750 mm and 1340 mm respectively. There are a wide variety of options to choose from, all depending on each customers needs and requests.



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