Volvo – Limousine

Nilsson Limousine is based upon Volvo S80 and has the highest safety, comfort and driving pleasure.
A combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern CAD-technique has resulted in high precision in the production-process. Every car is carefully produced by highly qualified staff with many years experience.

Elegance and Comfort

The interior is very roomy, quiet and elegant. The need for space and comfort has been the guiding principle when designing the vehicle. In addition Nilsson has a wide variety of options which will meet every customers need for additional comfort, communication, working possibilities and entertainment.

Quality and Precision

To secure the highest demands on precision, quality and rational production Nilsson has developed a unique world leading production-concept. It is based upon new tools for extension and welding, equal to what is used in volume production all over the world. This concept, in combination with highly qualified staff makes it possible for Nilsson Special Vehicles to offer world class quality.

Models and Options

The Limousine, which is 1340mm longer than a standard Volvo S80, is available with 4 or 6 doors to meet customers demands. Engine alternatives are a five-cylinder petrol engine and a diesel engine. A menu of options will secure that we are able to meet most customers demands.



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