Wilcox Limousines enjoys best ever year in its 68-year history

Analysis of the last financial year, April 2015 to April 2016, has revealed that we’ve experienced the best ever year in our 68-year history, thanks to the continued rise in our Jaguar hearse sales, as well as a considerable leap in sales of our Volvo traditional hearse.

Paul Wilcox, CEO at Wilcox Limousines said: “The Jaguar sales go from strength to strength new and used, though the big mover has been the Volvo Traditional Hearse that now sells three to one compared to the Contemporary Hearse and is outstanding value for money.”

We’ve continued to innovate our offering, recently introducing a panoramic glass roofed hearse. It’s this continued search for improved vehicles that Paul Wilcox believes makes us stand out from our competitors. He said: “Whilst it’s very much a traditional industry in its purest sense, we do try to ensure our range continues to diversify and evolve in line with the progression of vehicle technology.”

He added: “The cars we choose to make our hearses and limousines from are hugely important. Our unique relationship with Jaguar means we’re able to produce vehicles to an exceptional standard, which other coachbuilders in the market aren’t able to replicate.”

Wilcox is launching a hearse designed for Europe later on this year. Paul added: “The European Funeral Directors’ requirements are different from those in the U.K and this product has been designed specifically to fulfil their needs.”

Paul Wilcox concluded: “Despite enjoying the success of the last year, we’re not planning on resting on our laurels. 2016 is another big year for us, and we’re very much looking forward to unveiling the European hearse towards the end of it. We’re hoping it will help to propel our sales much further, as we expand into new European and International markets.”

Glass roof Jaguar hearse