New Volvo Hearse and Limousine S90 Unveiled at the NFE

Wilcox Limousines were delighted to unveil and show for the first time their brand new Volvo S90 hearse and limousine at the National Funeral Exhibition 2017.

Please see the video for a round up of the event and luanch of the new Volvo hearse and limousine.

The team at Wilcox would like to thanks the NAFD, NFE and Alison Crake for their help in launching the Volvo hearse and limousine, which has recieved raves reviews from all over the world!

‘I’m amazed by the global interest we have recieved in the new Volvo hearse and limousine, including from as far as Russia and New Zealand!’ said CEO Paul Wilcox.

For more information contact one of our sales team today.