Wilcox Limousines launch Vehicle Hygiene Screens (VHS)


The restrictions put in place in March 2020 due to lockdown, consequently affected many businesses, and particularly the funeral industry.  In fact, limousine usage ground to a halt, and families could no longer follow the hearse as per tradition. This led Wilcox Limousines to launch Vehicle Hygiene Screens in an effort to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Thanks to this pioneering initiative borne of the close cooperation with various funeral directors, mourners could now join the procession. The added protection created much reassurance by placing a barrier between driver and families.

Wilcox Limousines Vehicle Hygiene Screen

Wilcox Limousines Vehicle Hygiene Screen

Vehicle Hygiene Screen sketch

Vehicle Hygiene Screen sketch

The Manufacturing process of the Vehicle Hygiene Screens

The screens were entirely designed and manufactured by Wilcox Limousines in conjunction with a trusted supplier, and only take 20 minutes to install. The bulkheads of reinforced plastic meet both health and safety standards and have been successfully distributed across the UK. Impressively, over 250 screens have been distributed across the UK to funeral directors.

Additionally, these have been constructed with a PETG material to ensure that it is safe upon crash impact. Moreover,  the vehicle remains entirely functional whilst maintaining its luxuriousness. The screens are easily removed as they are made-to-measure and do not cause residual damage to the vehicle.

The screens cost just over £995, including installation. They are available for the following vehicles:

  • Jaguar XF
  • Jaguar XJ
  • Volvo S80
  • Volvo S90
  • Ford MK11 Dorchester
  • Mercedes W211
  • Mercedes W212

The Wilcox screens fit Coleman Milne, Duffy and Wilcox Limousine builds




Dignity Funeral Director, Nick Yates, was one of the first to have the screen fitted,  and commented: “The Jaguar and Volvo Screens supplied by Eagle/ Wilcox have been well received throughout the business allowing us to reintroduce limousines nationally.”

John Weir from John Weir Funeral Directors said , “The quality fit of the hygiene screens are now installed in our Jaguars are first class and essential in these challenging times… the actual fitting was so easy with excellent instructions and a very helpful guide.”

Stuart & Malcolm working on the VHS

Stuart & Malcolm working on the VHS

The high demand for Hygiene Screens catalysed the creation of a dedicated Wilcox Team, to ensure effective preparation and fast delivery of the screens. Thanks to quick thinking from Wilcox and a trusted supplier, distribution and rigorous testing of the new screens ensued.

Many employees were furloughed due to the interruption to Wilcox’s supply chain. However, the remaining skeleton staff worked hard to ensure a safe work environment as well as meet the customers’ needs in a timely fashion. Despite these obstacles, the creation of VHS is a testament of Wilcox’s innovation and dedication to there customers.

Wilcox would like to thank their devoted employees and valued customers through these uncertain times. For more information visit the Vehicle Hygiene Screen website or call 01753 480600