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Wilcox Removal Vehicles

Wilcox Limousines had a range of removal vehicles covering a range of needs and applications. From capacious removal ambulances with fully fitted twin electric decks to their smaller first call Hearsettes® with specially built rear twin decks, all having versatility in mind, so that they can be configured individually for the task in hand.

Removal Ambulances

Removal Ambulances are used by Funeral Directors as first response vehicles. Wilcox Limousines supply removal ambulances from a wide range of prestigious manufacturers both new and used such as Vauxhall, Mercedes, Ford, Renault, Volkswagen and more.


The Hearsette® allows the busy Funeral Director to have a versatile family car and a funeral removal vehicle all in one vehicle.
Together with British Car Manufacturers we manufacture the Ford Tourneo Hearsette®, Ford Mondeo Hearsette® and Ford Galaxy Hearsette®, all vehicles have been specially modified by Wilcox and come with the high gloss laminate deck.

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UK Southern Sales Executive
Malcolm Brooks
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UK Northern Sales Executive
Ian Roe
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