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Ford Tourneo Hearsette®

Within just days of Wilcox Limousines releasing the below video of their new Ford Tourneo Hearsette® orders were flooding in and it quickly became a best seller.

The hearsette comes complete with a folding high gloss laminate deck with stretcher clamps. The unique Wilcox deck system enables the vehicle to be used in various configurations, as a two seater with provision for two stretchers, three seat and one stretcher or as an everyday 5 seater car.

The deck has under storage room for two fold in the middle stretchers. The 1.6 diesel engine vehicle is available in manual or automatic, and its extra dark blacked out rear windows give it an effortless elegance. The new Ford Tourneo Hearsette® from Wilcox comes with a three-year warranty.

Available to purchase outright or on lease plans and low rate finance, the Ford Tourneo is the best value Hearsette® currently on the market.

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The striking new Tourneo is renowned for its practicality, comfort and affordability.


Size – An exceptionally long vehicle, the Tourneo is the longest Hearsette® on the market. The removal van still has 5 seats, is easy to convert and has a simple lock down system meaning the stretchers don’t ‘topple’ or move.

Storage – The only Hearsette® with under deck storage which is large enough to carry two fold up stretchers or have drawers installed the vehicle is both practical and economic.

Price – The Tourneo Hearsette® is exceptionally well priced, meaning it is affordable for all discerning Funeral Directors.