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Global Concessionaires

Global Partnerships

Help is available with export logistics including all paperwork. All vehicles are sold with COC certificates and full paperwork.

Due to Wilcox Limousines unique and highly revered partnerships with manufacturers, vehicles are sold with the original manufacture badges.

Converting Jaguars

Wilcox Limousines have been purchasing and converting Jaguar cars with Jaguar Land Rover support since 1992.

Wilcox Limousines work in partnership with other coachbuilders. Please see below our International Concessionaires.

Germany – Hentschke

Hentschke logo

Bestattungswagen Hentschke GmbH & Co. KG

Belgium – Thormes

Thormes logo

Spain – Bergadana

Bergadana logo

Sweden – Nilsson

Nilsson logo

Global Concessionaires – EN

If you would like to work in partnership with Wilcox Limousines to distribute our vehicles, please contact us.

For more information please CONTACT US