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Ford Mondeo Hearsette®

‘NEW Improved deck system’ ‘30% lighter, longer & lower’

Wilcox Limousines in exclusive partnership with Ford have created the Ford Mondeo Hearsette®.

This is an adapted Ford Mondeo Estate with a deck in the rear. The innovative, patented deck technology allows the vehicle to be used as a first call removal vehicle or as a family estate car with a super fast turnaround.

Easy to fold seat system and light weight deck, exclusive and design registered by Wilcox Limousines, allows you to fold the deck and put seats back up in just 30 seconds, quickly returning it to a family estate car, which unlike other Ford Mondeo first call estates all of this is done without the rear seats having to be removed.

All new Ford Mondeo Hearsette’s® come with Wilcox Limousine’s NEW patented technology, with a longer deck system and up to 30% lighter.

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