Technicians from Eagle Specialist Vehicles, Wilcox Limousines specialist Hearse and Limousine manufacturing arm have graduated with distinctions from highly technical and advanced courses provided by Jaguar.

Due to Wilcox Limousines and Eagles unique partnership with Jaguar Cars it enables them to advance their employees skill set and knowledge by training directly with Jaguar.

The team returned to work triumphant after learning of their results from the 2-3 day training courses. Geraint Rogers who was booked on the Digital Communications & Control said “It was such an honour to be trained by Jaguar, the best vehicle manufacturer in Britain. We’ve left brimming with knowledge and eager to apply this in our day to day work.”

Eagle and Wilcox Limousines continually invest in staff training programmes ensuring they are always as up to date as possible, especially with the rapid development of new technology.

“It’s fantastic the level of support and training we receive, it really helps in our confidence and therefore our standard of work” said Dan Wilson who took the Electrical Diagnostics & Techniques course.

The training was as follows:

Stephen McConville – Advanced Level Computer Diagnostics

Dan Wilson – Electrical Diagnostics & Techniques

Paul Ekersley – Security Systems

Geraint Rogers – Digital Communications & Control

Wilcox Limousines and Eagle Specialist Vehicles would like to congratulate the team on their excellent results and thank them or their hard work.

Jaguar training